IT-Infrastructure / DevOps Engineer (full-time)

As an IT-Infrastructure/DevOps Engineer you'll be required to support our daily operations using our current virtualized environment; propose solutions to bring our Infrastructure to the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) paradigm; develop, implement and enhance such solutions over time; implement and maintain monitoring systems for many divers types of services and systems. Think of yourself as the master of automation. If you do your job correctly, things should just work out by themselves and you'll have more time to work on new projects (which are coming up all the time!)

What is required

  • VMware ESXi 5/6/7, vCenter and vSphere product knowledge
  • Virtualization concepts
  • Bash and Python scripting languages
  • Ansible and AWX
  • PKI and Certificate management
  • LDAP, AD and other directory structures
  • Docker and other container technologies
  • Container orchestration
  • Reading and writing in English

What is good to have

  • Hyper-V, KVM and/or Xen
  • Other scripting languages such as PowerShell, Ruby, Perl
  • One low-level programming language
  • FreeIPA knowledge is very desirable
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Google Cloud and AWS
  • Chef and/or Puppet configuration management tools
  • Fluency in English is a plus

What you get

  • We’re a flatly organized team where autonomy and self-management are very valued and well rewarded.
  • Possibility of quick promotions and salary increases once you show value and commitment to the company
  • Work with a small team of highly skilled, passionate people
  • Part-time remote work can be discussed upon training period completion
  • Spacious office in Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf (Berlin)
  • Water and coffee are provided, other drinks can be arranged
  • Relaxing activities after work with other team members
  • You’re invited to weekend events to socialize, if you’d like to do so
If you are Interested and capable of the expected tasks, we can't await your application.

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