SNOKE helps companies and organizations in analyzing your needs and requirements as well as the choice of the optimal product. We develop this with you an appropriate strategy, such as our cloud can be used optimally. We show solutions to be more responsive to the individual needs and current market changes and to reduce infrastructure costs. Business processes are optimized and standardized - regardless of the location or the preferred device of the individual employee.

Questions about your orientation:

• What is the right cloud concept for the respective IT landscape?
• What potential do with the transition to the cloud and how does the current IT usage of?
• How is the independence of a provider ensured?
• How is the security of the data is guaranteed and what legal aspects need to be considered?
• How can the necessary reliability and availability will be ensured

We develop and implement information logistics networks for technical, system and infrastructure. We use the latest technology enables us to combine our knowledge in the industry to process knowledge and thus provide economic orginelle solutions for your success. The structuring, acquisition, interconnection as well as preperation and presentation of information-also in the spatial reference - are the key to effective and impactful solutions.

Highest security precaution

Of course our data centers are certificated on ISO 27001.
Experience of several years

Since 2002 we have specialized in the area hosting and developed contentiously.
Brand component and quality

High-quality and long-lasting technology.
24/7 NOC and Monitoring

24x7 Monitoring and NOC Support.