Security Assessment

Information Security Assessment

The Information security landscape is ever-evolving and growing in complexity. New technologies for defense and control emerge almost daily and protecting the network alone is no longer enough to keep your data safe. Developing an effective Information Security Strategy requires that data, endpoint and web application security is audited along with the network infrastructure itself.

Risk Analysis & Security Assessments

Before a successful security strategy can be developed, an assessment of your current environment must take place to identify your security baseline. Our consultants armed with expert knowledge and comprehensive measurement and testing tools probe your current security setup from every angle and find the gaps, which make you vulnerable to attack. From risks assessment in your next digital business venture to identifying vulnerabilities in your e-commerce shopping cart software, we offer a broad range of risk analysis and reporting services.

Network, Endpoint and Application protection

Many of today’s threats need protection on the network, endpoint and application layers. Each of these layers are subject to their own threat scenarios, so we integrate a variety of countermeasures at each of these layers to provide further hardened defenses while remaining cost-effective.

Cloud Security

We provide necessary security controls for cloud users to ensure that data is securely migrated to the public cloud, or ensuring that your existing cloud applications are hardened against a variety of modern cloud specific attack vectors. For the Service Providers, we outline methods to effectively evaluate and verify your current security set up.

Advanced Malware Protection

Advanced Malware protection requires an entire system of countermeasures. From signature identification and response, to sandboxing, whitelisting or blacklisting to address zero day exploits in a timely manner. We offer appropriately tailored options based on the risk analysis profile of your organization to safeguard you against the most pressing threats of today.

Incident Response

The SNOKE CONNECT team intervenes as soon as an alarm is triggered to minimize server and network downtime. We provide quick solutions to problems, such as unauthorized access and server hardware failures. Then we provide you with a detailed diagnostic report of the incident, so that you can take the necessary preventative measures for the future.

If it has been a while since your last security evaluation, we recommend that you contact us for a comprehensive review. We can provide the tools and skills necessary to keep your environment safe.

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