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Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions Public Cloud Solutions Public cloud solutions enable you to offload labor intensive tasks that require Internet facing servers, for example when deploying Software as a Service applications from a well vetted vendor, or perhaps when collaborating on software projects with a team of outsourced engineers using a public cloud is a good option, but there are a few concerns to be addressed before deployment, such as security and governance issues.

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Deployment Services

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Deployment Services In order to get the most out of your newly ordered hardware and software, a well executed plan with sound data migration and high performance reliability must also be timely. Our goal is to make your IT investment as productive as possible, as quickly as possible. Everything from logistics, configuration and integration to deployment, data migration and asset disposition, with our team at SNOKE CONNECT your needs will be taken care of.

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Security Solutions

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Information Security Solutions Why SNOKE CONNECT? We were ahead of the curve! Security Services and solutions were added to the SNOKE CONNECT portfolio long before other companies saw the need for it. Due to increased malicious activity over the years it became clear to us that security should be top priority in each and every enterprise’s internal procedures. The InfoSec threat landscape is ever-evolving and growing in complexity. New technologies for defense and control emerge almost daily and protecting the network alone is no longer enough to keep your data safe.

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