A major new Intel processor flaw could defeat encryption and DRM protections

Author: Tom Warren
Friday, Mar 6, 2020

The hardware-based encryption and DRM protection of Intel processors is again the focus of further security gaps. Processors of the Intel brand from the generations of the last 5 years are affected. The latest 10th generation chips are not affected. Due to the weakness in the hardware, according to security researchers, it is not repairable.

Keylogger or other malware enables attackers to penetrate your system. Antivirus software is powerless here, since the attack takes place at the hardware level and software-based security software is not aware of the attack.

Attackers can thus decrypt encrypted hard drives, forge hardware IDs and read DRM-protected content.

Intel has been informed of the vulnerability, but does not consider it to be serious because of the physical access required. Users are encouraged to keep systems up to date and to apply any patches. According to security experts, the gap cannot be closed completely.

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/6/21167782/intel-processor-flaw-root-of-trust-csme-security-vulnerability



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