About Us


Company History

Founded by IT specialists in 2004 in Berlin, Germany, SNOKE CONNECT has since increased its presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Flexible and professional in its approach, it always partners best-in-class products and services to identify and solve issues for clients.


Constantly adapting to market requirements SNOKE CONNECT has always been on the trail of technology trends starting with datacenter infrastructure offers passing by virtualization, software-as-a-service, and more recently containerization, always with focus on security and performance.

Ahead Of The Curve

Security services were added to the portfolio before other companies could hardly see the need for it. Due to increased malicious activity over the years, it became clear to us, that security should become a priority in each and every enterprise’s internal procedures.


Today’s security threats tend to be more subtle and severe than those that appeared in the past. SNOKE CONNECT constantly monitors these developments, and introduces new technologies and expertise on an on-going basis, to ensure that its clients are prepared and can always maintain the required levels of defense. We have in depth experience and expertise relative to both, the commercial and government sectors. Our highly qualified technical staff has the necessary knowledge to support you effectively. SNOKE CONNECT consultants use proven methodology to work with clients, to understand the risks to their business and to facilitate the implementation of the best possible solutions.

Solution Oriented

SNOKE CONNECT offers help to companies that are still in the process of catching up, by guiding them through the process of creating better security standards and policies, as well as assisting companies with solid security minded culture to further develop their controls and create more efficient procedures.

In order to do that, it’s important to have visibility over tools, solutions, softwares, users, assets in each section or department of the enterprise. SNOKE CONNECT will also help you to map all those items even when no documentation is provided to us. Relying on our reverse engineering experience, we can tell you how your systems work, even if nobody else in your company can.

Our aim is to provide a world class customer satisfaction, which will lead to a mutually beneficial partnership that will last many years.


Mike Hoffmann

CEO, Founder

Why Choose Us

SNOKE CONNECT offers flexible solutions, services and consulting for IT security, software-as-a-service and IT infrastructure from a single source. On the market since 2004, we have built and strengthened our presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

What You Get

Expert knowledge that has emerged from our activity in the market since 2004. SNOKE CONNECT has always recognized the changing needs and developed new solutions. Therefore we can offer a wide range of services and create an individual package, depending on the customer's needs.

Meet The Team

The rich diversity of our staff and the experience they bring from all areas of business enables SNOKE CONNECT to approach any business problem from different perspectives in order to design and implement the most suitable solution.



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