SaaS and Managed Hosting

In the company managed hosting is an alternative to classical server operating and promises above all, flexibility and scalability.

Neither the standard hosting services even renting individual dedicated root servers are suitable for load-intensive websites and mission-critical web applications.

If you want reliability, performance and flexibility, you need an infrastructure that is tailored to your individual requirements.

Take advantage of our Managed Hosting offering.

This helps you withoutevenhave tobefordata center operators to meet the increasing demands on availability and performance and reduce costs.

Software as a Service, SaaS for short, describes the use of application software in the company that is not even purchased and operated. We keep the software on your server and make it available for use over the Internet.

Your advantages:

·         Flexible scalability because solution are very fast and almost arbitrarily expandable

·         Broadband, redundant connectivity to the Internet

·         24/7 monitoring and support

·         solve problems in a very short time

·         Use of current brand components

·         Additional options for backup, firewall, etc.

·         Rational System Maintenance (Patch Management) with standardized hardware and operating systems

·         Complete control by root or administrator access

·         delegation of all infrastructure tasks allows a better focus on the core business

·         Take advantage of our more than ten years of experience

With our SaaS solutions make use of the software provided by us to your matching products. This eliminates complicated installation processes and you can get started right away.