Cloud and Virtualization

In the last years the importance of cloud-based solutions is rapidly increased and the trend goes on. Our cloud-solutions provide you many purposes and personalized application profiles. Whether for intern community or simulation complex processes, we offer you for each requirement one for you customized solution. Thanks to modern virtualization your cloud is scalable at any time and also at software-damages quickly restored.

Our company offers you following options:

  • Flexibility

Whether new equipment or new tasks. You have access on your cloud at any time.

  •  Full access control 

Keep control on your server, applications or data. So you are protected against illegal access.

  •  Share your data with others

Share your projects, tasks and many more with others. Choose who have access on your data.

  •  Productivity

Increase your productivity by safe access on each device and place for each time.

  •  System restore

Reduce your costs for backup-solutions. In case of data lost and system damage your cloud can be restored at any time.

  •  Optimization of the costs

Have your cost at any time in focus und reduce your running costs by automation.

  •  Automatic actualization

Thanks to our automatic software-actualization your software in the cloud is always up to date.

  •  Full scalability on your cloud infrastructure

Expand or reduce your cloud according to needs. At any time, from anywhere.

  •  Certificated security

Certificated ISO-norms ensure for the protection of your private sphere and your company.

  •  Complete support

 Whether problems or general assistance. Our support is available around the clock to serve you.