24/7 NOC and Monitoring

Our special service consists of a full-time monitoring of the systems on functionality and performance. Here we offer a system-monitoring around the clock. In this way we are able to respond quickly and effectively to all possible occurrences. Our employees have all the tools on hand to check and control the technical condition of our hardware at any time, to ensure the frictionless development.

All systems of our customers and the entirety of the network are checked by our technical team 24 hours and 7 days a week. Snoke Connect intervenes when an alarm is triggered to keep the downtime of the server and the network as low as possible.

If necessary, we ensure the rapid solution of problems like server failure, etc. and send you a detailed diagnosis of the incident, so that you can take the necessary actions for the future.

In the process some areas are particularly considered:

  • Monitoringthe internet connection
  • Monitoring server performance
  • Review ofnetwork bandwidth
  • Protection againstunauthorizedaccess
  • Protectionagainst attacks
  • Examine theevent logs
  • Disk space checks (Observe specified limits)
  • TCP portmonitoring
  • Filesize check
  • RAID-tests (hard diskmonitoring)
  • SNMP-evaluation of specific devices

And much more!!