Datacenter and Co-Location

Whether high availability, security and efficiency, we take care of the operation of your data center. Our employees are constantly on the spot and thus guarantee an impeccable service around the clock. Our data centers offer you the option of individual servers, storages, switch, load balancer solutions. Reduce your costs and increase the speed of your server by accommodation in our data centers. Modern connectivity technologies provide fast and reliable connections. Ask us, we are available around the clock available to you and advise you.

• IT costs Reduce your IT costs.

• High Availability Through regular maintenance, high availability of your IT is guaranteed in our data centers.

• High security Through constant testing and development of our employees.

• 24/7 on-site service Through constant presence of our employees on site, fast service around the clock is guaranteed. 

• Continuous access Uninterruptible power supply, provide extra security of your IT.

• Powerful and fully tested computer programs Increase your productivity by modern hardware and tested software.

• Increased added value Increase your sales and lead by the most modern technologies.

• Protect Your Data Prevent unauthorized access. Our data centers are subject to high safety standards.

• No fear of data loss By individual backup solutions, you always have complete control.